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Past Experience #

2000 - 2008: The Early Days #

I was interested in game development (and games) from a young age, and in the early 2000s I began with creating 3D models and maps for existing games and mods which used Valve’s GoldSrc and Source engines.

2008 - 2011: DAE Studies #

A couple of years after graduating from high school, I enrolled in the then brand new Digital Arts & Entertainment (DAE) Bachelor degree programme, where I honed my skills in 3D modeling and also discovered my passion for programming and the more technical side of game development.

I ended up graduating with highest honors and as valedictorian of the department Multimedia & Communication Technology.

2011 - 2013: Larian Studios #

I started working at Larian Studios as an intern, but was hired full-time directly after finishing the aforementioned studies.

In the beginning I was still unsure which discipline I wanted to focus on, so I switched back and forth between 3D artist, technical artist and programmer roles.

At the time, they had just started developing their own in-house game engine and editor, and so I got the opportunity to do some very interesting graphics and tools programming work which I eventually ended up focusing on for the rest of my time there.

2013 - 2015: Adventure in the East #

After working at Larian Studios for over two years, I got offered an opportunity to work in China.

Since I’ve always enjoyed traveling and discovering new cultures I didn’t hesitate long and eventually ended up living there for the next two years, mostly working on PC and mobile games across a few different companies as a programmer and technical artist.

Recent Experience #

After returning from China, I moved to Berlin, Germany and worked at King for a little over a year.

Once the first VR headsets became commercially available, I decided to have a go at solo development, since I was intrigued by the potential of this new technology.

After about a year of prototyping and development, I successfully released Vinyl Reality, the first DJ application designed from the ground up for VR.

Since then I’ve been maintaining and adding new features to the application, while also doing occasional contract work for the following companies:

For more details about my most recent experience, and some code examples, check out some of the projects below!

Recent Projects

Vinyl Reality
Project Unity VR Solo
My first project as a solo developer. A DJ application designed from the ground up for VR, made with Unity.
Open Source Unity Projects
Project Unity Open Source Assets
A couple of open source projects I made with Unity.