Vinyl Reality


Vinyl Reality was the first project I created as a solo and independent developer.

It’s a Virtual Reality application which realistically simulates DJing with vinyl. It was successfully released on Steam and the Oculus store, and supports both PC VR (ex: Valve Index) and standalone (ex: Meta Quest) platforms.

I really enjoyed working on this project as it combined two of my main passions; game development and music!

Trailer for Vinyl Reality

I used the following tools and software during development:

  • Unity: Game Engine
    • C#: Programming language
      • FMOD Low Level API: Audio processing
        • Amplify Shader Editor: Custom shaders
          • Blender: 3D asset modeling
            • Substance Painter: 3D asset texturing
              • DaVinci Resolve: Video editing
                • Krita: Image editing