Added C++ Ray Trace Renderer


I’ve added a new project to my portfolio: C++ Ray Trace Renderer

This was a small project I did back in May as part of a programming test. It was a great learning experience, as it forced me to try out a lot of new things.
I learned how to optimize for chipset architectures that support SIMD and also got familiar with how multi-threading works in C++ 11. It was also the first time I implemented a data oriented design, which I had wanted to try out for quite some time.

The source code is available as well, so any feedback on how I could further improve this renderer would be greatly appreciated.

In the process of updating my portfolio to WordPress


I’ve decided to update my portfolio and use WordPress instead of a custom build website, since it’s so much more convenient these days. It’s still pretty empty now, but I’ll be adding all of the old content from the previous version of my site in the next couple of days.

I’m also planning on setting up a blog for writing short articles related to Game Development and Technical art, so stay tuned!