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Tycho Terryn

Tycho Terryn

3D Game and VR developer

Hello 👋

I’m a 3D game and VR developer specialized in Unity, Godot and C#, currently based in Berlin, Germany.

I have more than a decade of professional game industry experience and also successfully developed and released several of my own projects independently.

I’m a jack of all trades, master of some. Apart from programming I also have experience with game design, 3D asset creation, audio production, shaders and particle effects.

For an overview of my experience, please check out my portfolio.


Vinyl Reality
Project Unity VR Solo
My first project as a solo developer. A DJ application designed from the ground up for VR, made with Unity.
Open Source Unity Projects
Project Unity Open Source Assets
A couple of open source projects I made with Unity.
Project C++
A simple CPU based ray tracer I wrote to refresh my knowledge of C++.